Chose the WD SE 800JB, where are the cables/softwa

Decided to go with the WD 80gb Special Edition (probably my least favorite regarding noise and performance, but a 3 year warranty is hard to pass up, especially on a HD).

However, Newegg (and everyone else, even WD’s store) doesn’t sell it with any cables or software. Where can I find this stuff? Never built a computer completely solo, so I definitely don’t want to wing it, heh.

Gaming PC in progress, suggestions welcome :)
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  1. Depending on how new your motherboard is, you shouldn't need any software to get the drive working. If you do have an older motherboard, you may need to flash the BIOS (follow the instructions that came with the motherboard or go to the manufacturer's website to get instructions). If you have a very old motherboard, you may need an actual piece of software like Western Digital's "Data Lifeguard Tools."

    For the cable, you can go to most computer stores (Best Buy, CompUSA, local computer stores). The cable may go by several names: an "80-conductor IDE ribbon cable", an "EIDE ribbon Cable", or an "Ultra-DMA IDE ribbon cable." You can also buy one of the round cables that may go by these names. If you can find one with the plastic pull-tabs or the small sheet of plastic on the connectors, these are a big help in pulling the cable out of the hard drive. Just make sure to align the side of the cable with the colored wire to pin 1 on the hard drive.
  2. If you want, I can mail you an 80-conductor ribbon.

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  3. Software is usually not needed. Just plug in the drive, jumper it correctly, make sure the bios detects it, boot into windows and format.

    ATA66/100/133 Cables can be purchaced from any PC store for a couple of bucks.

    Or online you can get special fancy rounded, shielded, grounded, coloured, fluorescent or uv reactice cables.
    But standard beige ribbon ones work just the same. :smile:

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