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Ok guys, need a little help fine tuning my 56k modem. I've been to a few expert sites and many of them say to disable software compression, and error correction. Disable IP Header compression etc.....All this to no avail. My connection seems to run smoother with all these on. However, a lot of the time when i click on a link, it takes about 4 seconds before my modem responds and starts downloading the page. My 28k modem didn't seem to have this problem. Any ideas by anyone?? Cheers all!
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  1. and your current modem is a ??

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  2. Swannsmart Turbo...Australian brand. Supposed to be quite good. Its weird, last night i was downloading at a constant 5k per second. Its not the download speed thats worrying me though...its the time it takes to respond..hi lag/ping in other words.
  3. Dude... there are lots of reason why some clicks takes longer than some. It depends on where you are downloading from and how fast theie connection is and how people are accessing that particular file.

    Personally, I fine disabling IP Header Compression does the best trick. I am also trying to get the most out of my 56K modem.

    Futhermore, we 56K users are a dying breed as more and more of us get on. we loose more bandwitdh.. TIME FOR BROADBAND DUDE!!
  4. Yeah i know, but i'm getting a lot of inconsistent d/l speeds and response times. I dunno, maybe its my provider. They haven't given me detail information on my setup either. Ie. whether i should have IP Header Compression checked, software compression, error correction etc. Would you know what is best for playing on battle net by any chance??
    About Broadband, i can't get adsl cos i'm about 5.6kms away from my exchange. I can't get cable because there aren't any laid in my suburb, and satellite has a high ping so i can't play games. In other words, i'm stuck with a 56k modem.
  5. Tell me about it bro. I am pretty much in the same boat as yourself. However in case, I live in a new development and the whole place is all fiber optics set up. DSL would not work on Fibers so I'm stuck. Anyway, I can't give you any advice on how to improve your dial up for your battle net as I am not a season gamer.

    I think it will be best if you speak to the Desktop support personnel to sort these thigns out.
  6. Another Q i forgot to ask. Would the radio frequency of a wireless mouse & keyboard screw around with my modem connection. I know that some devices can interfere with modems....it even says it in my modem instruction manual. Has anyone had any experience with wireless keyboards & mice??
  7. Sorry dude.... the most advanced device I've got on my comp is a Microsoft IntelliMouse Exploer none are wireless..
  8. Quote:
    Microsoft IntelliMouse Exploer none are wireless

    Huh? There are wireless Intellimice out now.

    I really, really doubt that a wireless keyboard/mouse would interfere with your modem. I have a Logitech cordless iTouch keyboard and cordless MouseMan optical, and they both work perfectly, with no interference.

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