Does Anyone Know How to Upgrade to RC1 (Build 7100) from Beta?

What the title says. I can just install over my beta copy of Windows 7, right? I only ask because my copy says it will expire on July 2, 2009. :( Help me retain my Windows 7 experience please. :D
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    It'll be a clean install. there's no direct upgrade path from beta to RC.
  2. Microsoft never made an option nor recommended at all during the testing phase of windows 7 to upgrade it over previous version.
  3. no program/setting will survive if you simply install it over
  4. Crud, was about to ask the same question. Thanks guys! Just to be clear, there's also no such thing as a RC to final version upgrade right?
  5. hi it is possible to upgrade beta to RC, copy all data of your windows 7 in to hard drive then open folder sources find cversion open it with notepad and the change MinClient=7077.0 to MinClient=7000.0, save it and run instalation file afther that choose upgrade...........
  6. ^This doesnt want you to do this because they get better feedback if the install is a clean install...but so far, I havent ran into any problems...didnt have to reinstall any of my programs :)

    I did this to upgrade from 7077 to RC...once edited, I simply ran the upgrade using daemon tools...didnt even have to burn a dvd...
  7. no MS just didn't start testing the upgrade option. there just trying to get the OS finalized first
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