Getting PH.D From same Undergraduate

Here is a thought I had:

Considering if you have the school spirit, what are the (dis)advantages of getting your Masters/Post Doctorate form the same Undergraduate school that you have attended.


-Familiarity of campus system & resources
-Follow research projects your undergrad school has been performing
-Familiar faculty
-Familiar campus
-Obtaining all 3 degrees from 1 institution
-Chance to get into Teaching at Alma Mater'


-'Cultural, social, & word view' is narrow
-Less experience of the outside world
-May show lack of motivation/risk taking
-Turn-off to future employers,( even your Alma Mater')
-Narrow availability/chances for research.


My question would be: What do you think? Would you agree that getting a Post Doc @ your Alma Mater' would be sonically acceptable and advantageous, or do you oppose the idea and ask that one should venture out of their Alma Mater' to seek future opportunities?

This is in the case of Sciences: Math, Bio, Chem, Engineering, Mechanics, Nano, etc...
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  1. If you are already doing undergrad in the top Uni in your area (and that Uni is not crap), I don't see there is a need to go elsewhere unless you want a new environment.

    Probably you find more research jobs in government agencies and industries, not as many at University.
  2. So, it is fine as long as:

    1) It is a good school with a good program
    2) One would not seek a gov't/research job
    3) It is fine for the individual

    Is this what you are trying to say Pyree?

    I don't know how different Uni is in Oz as compared to Uni in America.
  3. 1. Yes
    2. No, I think you misunderstood me. I mean whether you study at different universities doesn't matter since you are likely to find a job else where and not at the universities you were at previously. So going to another university does not give you an advantage.
    3. Yes

    I don't know how uni at USA is different to AUS. But I imagine quite different (from conversation with exchange students).
  4. Con. #2:

    Basically, for a job...if, for say, I go to my Alma Mater' for all 8 years then try to go to MIT. MIT would look at me and laugh,( even if the Alma Mater' was a great school.) So, basically, my career availability would be work for a major corp, or start a chance in becoming a professor?
  5. Ok, I think I am confusing you. Let me get the temporal scale right:

    I mean your chance of getting into Ph.D is not hurt staying or going to another university (if the uni you attend for your master or honour is good).

    Then after you get your Ph.D, when you look for jobs, it hardly matters because you are likely to find jobs in government agencies and industry (there are more research position in government agencies e.g. NASA, CSIRO and industry e.g. Sigma Aldrich- ok I remember them because I received heaps of stress balls, cup holder, mouse mat, stationeries and USB sticks from them). As long as you can get paper published and your work recognised, you can progress from postgrad Ph.D to associate professor and then to professor. You don't need association with a university.
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