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FS: AKG (modded), BLUE and Beyer microphone pairs

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August 6, 2005 1:57:04 PM

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Hello, all--I have some good microphones which I can't really use and
would like to sell. I'll list them on eBay in a while if no one from
here steps forward, but somehow I think they may be better understood
here than there, so I'm trying here first. These microphones have
various histories but the ones that are used have been well maintained.

First, there's a pair of AKG C 414-B ULS microphones modified by Jim
Williams of Audio Upgrades. After he made the modifications I sent one
of the microphones to (ahem) a certain company in Germany where some
friends of mine work, where they happen to have excellent equipment for
measuring the performance of condenser microphones. They found the
modified microphone to have about 4 dB lower noise than the stock
equivalent, and slightly increased response at high frequencies. They
also reported that the microphone sounded better to them than the stock
equivalent--and by the way, they do respect the stock C 414 B-ULS over
there, as large-diaphragm microphones go.

It was noted, however, that the microphones were sensitive to radio
frequency interference. The modifications included removing one of the
two layers of screening at the capsule end of the microphones. In case
you might like to undo that aspect of the modification, I still have
all the parts that Mr. Williams removed or replaced, and will supply
them along with the microphones. Also included are a compact, padded
homebrew carrying case and a pair of BLUE vintage-style shock mounts.

Second, there's a matched pair of BLUE "lollipop" capsules (which have
a cardioid directional pattern) and black AKG C 460 B bodies for same;
the capsules are completely unused and have their own wooden cases,
while the AKG bodies are second-hand and caseless. I will also consider
selling the BLUE capsules and/or the AKG bodies separately; there are
AKG capsules for the bodies.

Finally there are two Beyer M 160 N(C) hypercardioid ribbon
microphones, one of which is essentially brand new and the other one of
which is in excellent condition but not quite new.

Unfortunately I can't launch into the usual torrent of praise for the
sound of these microphones, since apart from one brief test with the
Beyer ribbons, I've never actually used any of them (!). I don't do
nearly as much live recording as I used to, so my opportunities for
experiment have become rather limited. I can only promise that the
microphones sound as they should and work as they should.

Prices would be on a "best reasonable offer" basis, for now at least.
Please contact me directly, DSatz [at] msn [dot] com, if you're
seriously interested, rather than respond here on the board unless you
have a question or remark that would be of general interest somehow.

--best regards
August 6, 2005 7:05:09 PM

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My apologies: For the two AKG C 460B amplifier bodies, only one capsule
is on hand, a model CK 61 ULS.

Also there are three of the funny little adapters to let the small
capsules from the old C 451 series be used on these bodies. (Two such
adapters are needed if the BLUE capsules are used on the 460-series

--best regards