Boot mgr not found, cannot boot to disc either

I recently rebuilt a computer that had a P4 3.2 Ghz, 2 Gb ram, and windows XP. I put in an asus p5n-e sli motherboard, 6 Gb of ram, and an intel celeron E 3200 2.4 Ghz dual core. The computer is my parents, and the new parts are from my computer that I just upgraded. After I installed the new parts, windows would not start, nor would it boot to a disc to attempt repair. I put the hard drive into my computer to get the files that I needed off of it, then wiped the hard drive with it installed in my computer. I put the freshly wiped drive into the other computer in which I would receive "boot mgr not found ctrl + alt+ del to restart" I then tried to install a fresh copy of windows 7 thinking that boot mgr is part of windows. I tried to boot to the install cd, it loads the files, but then just sits at the starting windows screen and does nothing. I put the hard drive back into my computer and installed windows 7 on it from there, then put it back into the other computer. I still am getting the "boot mgr not found" message and it will not boot to windows. It still will not boot to any disc, even a windows repair disc did not work. If i put the drive into my computer, it will boot just fine. I don't know whats going on!!
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  1. when you install a new motherboard you must do a fresh installation of windows. also make sure your target drive is in SATA0.
  2. I can't install windows if I can't boot to a disc.
  3. U will need to change boot priority to optical drive in the bios..

    to get into bios there a button need to pressed (ex: dell/F1/etc...)
  4. I got that far, it goes through loading all of the files from the disc, but will not start up the windows startup. It will say "starting windows" but it sticks there and will not go further.
  5. Make sure The disc not damaged, or the optical drive...

    If the optical was bad....
    U can go to other comp... (friend/cafe/etc....) u could copy all the content of your win installation disk (included hidden and system files) to USB flash disk and try to boot/install from there......... (change the boot priority to usb drive/flashdisk name/etc....)
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