TekVision powered touchscreen not working with Win7 x64


I am having an issue with setting up a POS system and specifically the touch screen.

I have tried to update the windows drivers, and the TekVision drivers to no avail.

here are the TekVision Drivers:

Is there away to modify the Windows 2000/XP drivers for Win7?
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  1. you can use vista drivers in windows 7. not xp drivers. if there are no vista or win7 drivers then you will need to either purchase a different touch screen or downgrade to xp
  2. That's what I was afraid of...I guess I'll bite the bullet and downgrade, even though I would love to stick with 7. Thanks.
  3. Hi :)

    I would expect it to run in a Windows XP Virtual machine if you have 7 Pro or Ultimate..

    All the best Brett :)
  4. I have an old Tekvisions 710A touchscreen, and I've successfully had it running under Windows 7 32 bit RTM for over a year. However, I just tried to run in under Windows 8 64 bit, and it won't work; likely because Tekvisions never released a 64 bit driver.

    I am confident I can get it running under Windows 8 32 bit, based on past results.

    Make sure you install the .exe in XP compatibility mode, and as Administrator. That's how I got it working under Win 7.
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