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I need a "gaming" tablet, don't care though what the gpu is, as long as it is a geforce 6x or better or equivelent. I currently have a HP Pavilion dv2210us and it works, but I need more of a stylist for my work (Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop). It has to be very (and I mean very) thin. Can anyone help? I can spend about $2k on it. Thank you in advance.
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  1. Good graphics in tablet pc's are hard to find. Most only include integrated graphics. That being said, Gateway's CX210 may be your best bet. It comes with an ATi X1400 which can play most games, just with eye candy and res turned down. Another option may be HP's TX1000, though it only includes integrated GeForce 6150 which can play WOW and a few others but not much else.


  2. I've been looking for the same thing. Here's what looks good to me. 1GB RAM, GeForce Go 6200.

    ACER TravelMate C310

    If you're like me (a student) you should probably wait until Summer or Fall to make a purchase. However, the above Gateway C210 looks real nice. Anyone know offhand how a GeForce Go 6200 or nVidia Quadro NVS 110M compares to a Radeon X1400?
  3. The 6200 won't perform as well as the X1400. The 6200 is an old low end card while the X1400 is a new low end card. I'm not sure about the Quadro though I do know this; The Quadro line is used for rendering and do not perform as well with games. Their software is designed to use OpenGL more than DX9. The Nvidia competitor to the X1400 would be the 7300/ 7400.
  4. Ok, what I've found since. I'd have posted sooner if I could get my standard browser (Opera) to work with these boards (cookies are allowed, damnit!).

    Acer C310 (international site)

    Turns out they removed the old Acer C310 from their USA site and added this new description to their international site. Notice how it now sports a nVidia 7300 Go. I think I've made up my mind, if the weight, price, and battery life is right.

    (Also notice how when you try to select your location as USA it brings you to a broken link, possibly an incomplete page?)
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