Got a new motherboard/hardrive. Do i need to buy windows 7 again?

Okay, my other computer was a pos. (The hard drive just died which is what prompted me to do this, i am now destroying my old pc) I finally upgraded, went all out bought gtx 670, an ivybridge and a mobo to go with it.

the windows 7 copy is MINE, I bought it at bestbuy when it came out. I have the box, it is not OEM or anything like that.

Am I still screwed? Google isnt really yielding me much info on this.
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  1. No you shouldn't have to get a new copy of OS. If anything the only thing you will have to get is a windows key from microsoft during the installation. But As long as the previous computer that had the copy of your windows 7 is "Offline". Then you should be ok to use the same windows key. And i don't believe a computer with a crashed hard drive can be only can it? haha. Your fine. Just go int the bios set the disk drive as priority boot, boot up with the windows 7 and install windows and if it says your windows key is invalid just connect online and let windows verify your key. If it says its not valid you will have the chance to purchase a new key if need be. But you shouldn't have to. Or you can contact microsoft and explain your situation and they will help you from there.

  2. As long as it's not OEM you are perfectly fine.
  3. You will have to use the telephone activation.
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    As long as it's not OEM you are perfectly fine.

    He says nots not OEM. so he should be fine.
  5. Retail Full Package Product (FPP) This is the most expensive retail product of all and includes the fewest restrictions of any Windows version. You can install it on any PC, new or old. You can boot from the installation media and set up Windows 7 on a PC with a squeaky clean hard drive without having to jump through a single hoop. You can install it on any Mac, in a virtual machine or using Boot Camp. You can install it in a virtual machine in Windows as well. You can even use it as an upgrade for a previous edition (although you pay more for the privilege than you need to).

    Two other noteworthy benefits of an FPP copy of Windows are these:

    You can uninstall the OS from a computer and transfer it to a new PC, something you can’t do with an OEM copy of Windows. Microsoft briefly considered restricting this option when Vista was almost ready to launch but retreated in the face of a fierce backlash from customers
    You get free technical support directly from Microsoft, rather than from the hardware maker.

    FPP products are premium-priced, but for some circumstances they make sense. And for customers who are willing to pay that premium to have no license hassles whatsoever, this is the way to go.

    microsoft ^
  6. ^Words spoken from a deep enthusiast
  7. Just to make sure,

    I bought my Windows 7 Premium at Best Buy for like $230 or whatever it was, fully version not the upgraded. Im 99% sure its not OEM. am I right? Best buy doesnt sell OEM anyway from what I can tell

    Thanks for your responses guys.
  8. Yes,you are 100 % ok!!!!!! :D :D :D
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    Not a problem. AND no you won't get a OEM copy from bestbuy. Only online or your nearest comp usa/tiger direct, Frys electronics, Micro center
  10. If you have any more questions just send US a PM and we will help to the best of our knowledge. I specialize with graphics and displays so if you ever have a graphics card or monitor issue. I can help. Also questions on hardware feel free to send me a message. I am available online almost 24/7

    Glad we had the answer you were looking for!
  11. Thank you so much fellas.

    I will sleep easier.
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