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I'm not sure if I should post this in the XP discussion board or the HDD discussion board - so I will post it in both (sorry :/)

Yesterday I came home from a 12 day vacation. When I booted my computer, everything seemed to be working fine. Then several hours later I got a FasTrak error (FasTrak is a RAID monitoring utility). I have gotten these error messages before and restarting my computer fixed all of them. But when I went to restart my computer, it went to the windows xp loading screen (with the 3 little blue squares that go up) it just sat there. The little blue boxes kept moving, but nothing happened. It was getting late so I decided to turn off my computer (hard power) and fix it in the morning.

The same thing happened to me the today. I suspected that one of the hard drives was not getting power or the IDE connector cables were not in place correctly, but I checked these and they seemed to be connected properly. So I took an old harddrive of mine and installed XP on it to see what I could do. XP loaded fine from the harddrive and I could see and access files from my old harddrives. Just to see what would happen, I tried running my original (my "broken") XP version. This time, it kept on staying at that windows loading screen, but after 5-10 minutes it rebooted my computer and asked me if I wanted to boot in safe mode. Curious, I selected "safe mode with networking" and my computer booted just fine. Everything was a bit slow (but that usually happens in safemode) but besides that it seemed basically ok. Then I tried running a few programs and got an error and it asked me to report to microsoft. When I clicked on "show me more" or whatever, they all had an error with "jscript.dll." So I went to my new installation of XP, got all the critical updates (there was no jscript.dll at www.dll-files.com) and put it on to my old "broken" version of XP. I went back to my old ver of xp and decided to try system restore. However, there was no "calender" with any "bolded days." Then I got an error that said "unknown hard error" (I assume that this is some sort of version of the fastrak error I got the day before. but since i was in safe mode fastrak was not running). I rebooted my computer in safemode again and tried to run programs such as internet explorer and system restore. However, when I tried to run them, they froze. I could still move my mouse, and when I would click on things like the start menu they would open, but nothing seemed to work. The same thing happened a few more times with a few more reboots.

Can someone help me here? I don't know what to do and I have no idea what my problem is. I would like to get back to my old working version of XP.

For reference, here are my comps specs
P4 2.4ghz B (533 mhz fsb)
512 mb samsung ddr 333
Gigabyte GA-845PE Ultra mobo w/ promise raid lite
2x 80gb western digital caviar drives w/ 8mb cache in RAID 0 config on the onboard RAID driver w/ old broken install of XP
1x maxtor 20gb harddrive with working install of XP (installed today)
Radeon 9700 pro gfx card
SB audigy gamer sound card
Floppy drive Yamaha CRW-F1 cd burner (48x24x48x)
16x48x dvd/cd drive (reader)
430w antec TruePower powersupply
Addendum: I forgot to add, two of the computers on my network have been infected with the w32.blaster.worm virus if that makes any difference. However, I couldnt find any traces of the worm on my computer.

Thanks for your help
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  1. What errors dit FastTrack show?

    If fastrack shows errors you probably have a problem with one of your harddisks; since you're running Raid 0 any problem with any harddisk will cause all disks to be unaccessible (all data is shared across all disks)

    Try the WD site to download diagnostic tools and use these to find the defective drive and replace it with a new one. But first: consider your old XP installation lost. Even if you got the bad disk back to work, or if you could copy the whole system to another (set of) drive(s): the file system is corrupted. However, since your array is still (more or less) accessible, BACKUP YOUR DATA ASAP. Do this before anything else: the bad disk will probably deteriorate further any minute it is spinning. Try the freezer trick (put the disk in a closed plastic bag in a freezer for a couple of hours, then reattach it (still in the bag to avoid condensation) to your computer; this may improve the bad disk for a while)

    Good luck!
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