Upgrade RAM won't work with exsisting RAM

I have an AMD2600+ and an Asus A7v333-Rev1.02 so the 2600 is really running at 2000 speeds :( But thats another problem. I have 1 512MB PC2700 Samsung Orig RAM that I bought 1 year ago in my system. I recently got an upgrade with new 512MB PC2700 Samsung Orig RAM, but when I stick the new RAM in with the exsisting RAM, my system crashes after 5 minutes like it is out of RAM. The BIOS and Windows both recognize that there is 1024MB of RAM. When I put the new one in by itself, it works great! Same with the old RAM by itself.

Can any one help me fiqure out what is wrong? Seems like the new RAM is good! Need to know if I should send it back and live with 512MB of RAM. Thanks for any help or insight!
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  1. Can you give us your full system specs pls?

    I'm assuming you're running Win XP. Have you checked the size of the page file?

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  2. Thanks for the reply!! Here are my System specs...I'm not running WinXP, I have Win98SE

    AMD2600+ (Running as a 2000+)
    Asus A7v333 Rev 1.02 latest BIOS 1017
    2x 512MB PC2700 Samsung Orig DDR RAM
    - (1 is a year old the other was just bought)
    Leadtek GeForce4 Ti4400 GFx Card
    Antec 400W PS
    Some Network card & a crap load of fans!
    Window 98SE

    Thanks for helping!!!
  3. That's your problem, 98SE won't run right with more than 512MB RAM.

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  4. I found a fix for my problem! After Wingding's post listed "page file", I searched for that and found the solution! Win98/ME has memory stability problems with RAM above 512MB. Here is a link that can describe better than I can how to fix this

    <A HREF="http://aumha.org/win4/a/memmgmt.htm" target="_new">http://aumha.org/win4/a/memmgmt.htm</A>

    Basically, add this line to your SYSTEM.ini file under the [vcache] header...
    <i>MaxFileCache=524288 </i>

    Everything works great now and my game runs a lot smoother!! I knew I could get the answers from these forums! Thanks to anyone who ever posted here with help! This is a tremendous source for information!
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