possible memory problem?

A few days ago my computer started to slow down. It seems to be getting worse. Everything works fine, no errors, no malfunctions. BUT, when I go to open a program it takes forever to load. 2.2 gig intel with 1 gig ram, running 4 7200 rpm drives in raid-0. This thing was fast a week ago. I have tried a bunch of stuff, and have come up with absolutely nothing, including swapping out ram. Does any one with better knowledge than I have have any suggestions or ideas for me? If I can't figure this out, it means a new computer, and this one ain't that old.
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  1. What o/s are you using? Have you hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to see what processes are running? You might have something dodgy running in the background, or the disks might be badly fragmented, although I doubt it could be that bad.

    :eek: My CPU runs so hot it creates a quark-gluon plasma :eek:
  2. nothing running in the background, I am sorry I didn't include that information in my previous post, althought I already knew it. I even checked my processor and harddrive activity using the microsoft performance deal and all the bars are flatlined (unless i wiggle my mouse back and forth, then it jumps a little).
  3. First,check the system--make sure there is no virus(You know we cann`t find the virus thread through the system monitor).Second scandisk the harddisk--maybe you`ve got some bad clusters on them(Use the tools given by the manufactuer--Seatools for seagate,DiskManager for hitach).Last but not the least,rebuild the whole system--sometimes it really works!
  4. Also check for spyware. Couldn't hurt.

    These specs are here so I don't have to repeat them. P4 2.4c @ 3.0 ASUS P4P800 dx Geil pc4000 2.5,3,3,6 250FSB 1:1 Radeon 9500 non-pro 2 Maxtor 60gig 7200rpm 8mb cach in raid 0 SB Audigy 2
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