USB device not recognized - Toshiba Laptop/iPod Problems...

My Toshiba portable hard drive usb 2.0 could not be detected by my computer while other computers detected and functions
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  1. To help us assist you, please provide more information:

    1) Decribe the issue you are having in detail. For example if its with a specific piece of equipment, include the make and model.
    2) When was it last working normally? Since then, did you add/remove any software or hardware?
    3) What steps have you already tried to resolve the problem? (rebooted, searched google, etc)
  2. I don't believe the device or model has much to do with it. MS continues downgrading functionality and flexibility while hogging resources and adding colors. In windoze 7 they lost control of usb. I can't connect a number of devices to the Toshiba via usb. One of these is a Galaxy S3 vzw schi 535. I can however connect, with issues, through a gateway laptop. I concluded the drivers for the samsung don't work well with toshiba. There is no reason 'doze 7 has to load the usb driver for each device when it's plugged in. Linux seems to have no problem recognizing hardware. Gates should get a few distros and try to learn something.
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