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having a silly problem,

I recently built a new pc, and did a fresh install of windows 7, However now trying to connect to the internet and windows is telling me no network adapter found. I have asus p67 sabertooth motherboard. So it has built in lan connection. I have tried hooking it up to the router and directly to the modem, nothing. I was wondering as I had to do a cmos reset before installing windows if I just need to re install all the drivers with the mother board disc or is their a mechanical issue with the motherboard? Or am I mistaken and need to buy a network card for it? I checked the bios and the Intel Lan controller is enabled but the intel pxe oprom is not.
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  1. wish I could delete this, I re installed all the drivers for the mobo and works fine, should have troubleshot it some more before asking..... sorry lessoned learned. If anyone does a cmos reset make sure you re install all drivers with the mobo disc....
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