Duplicated HD, XP won't boot

OK so, I got a new HD.. Used Norton Ghost to duplicate my old hard drive onto my new hard drive... Switched the dips, and rebooted.. It rebooted to my old HD, and in windows it shows that my C: is my old HD and my F: is my new hd.. OK so I have to create a new page file on my F: drive and remove it off of C:.. Reboot, with the slave unplugged and it just sits there... Plug it back in, rebooted and it was fine... Went into Disk Management to remove c: as the drive letter so f: would take over c:.. Well told me programs are running on there, blah blah.. Did it anyway... Rebooted and I guess it rebooted to my new HD but its just sitting there with Windows XP on the screen.. nothing else... Won't go any further.. What happened and how can it be fixed?!?1
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  1. I ran into this myself with Nortons Ghost 2003, it seems that 2002 can do a direct clone with no problems to the boot record, but theres a problem with 2003 sometimes, it doesn't make any sense. Try this; remove the drive you cloned from and protect it in case this doesn't work, hook in the new hardrive as Master of the Primary IDE, set the CMOS to boot from the CDROM, use your WinXP installation disk to boot into a full install, when you get to the screen with the (Repair the Existing OP/SYS) option, select it and let the CD repair it, it will restore the Boot sector and everything. This is the repair option not the restore option.

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