DDX3216. What does it have, out of the box?

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I've downloaded the manual, I've searched the Net, and I still have nowhere
that will tell me what functions (sends etc) that a 3216 has straight out of
box, with no add ons. It appears to have 4 multi outputs which can be set up
as stage-monitor feeds but nothing in the manual is helping, as all it can
To take full advantage of these features, at least one of the optional I/O
modules needs to be installed.

....which is no use to anyone. My car can fly if I attach optional wings!

Can anyone who actually uses one of these help me out with the spec's as per
the basic unit.

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  1. Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?)

    Basically you're correct, that if you want to make more use of the 16
    bus outs than just the built-in four multi-outs, then you need a
    module. So obviously a module is highly desirable. I'm sure the thought
    process from Behringer is that some poeple will want TDIF, others ADAT,
    and still others AES/EBU - so let the buyer decide. But in most of the
    places I've seen, if you buy a DDX3216 now then either an ADAT or TDIF
    interface module is included with the price. They're closing them out
    at $650 at several places, module included. An outstanding deal, in my

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