BSOD and constant activity icon

Fresh Win7 Ultimate 64-bit install
ASUS Sabertooth P67
G. Skill Quad Channel 16GB 1600MHz
Samsung 830 256GB SSD (OS core files)
Hitachi 3TB 6Gb/s HDD (scratch disk plus program files)
WD 500GB 3Gb/s HDD (system image and backup storage)

Wireless HP printer
G9x gaming mouse
Logitech gaming keyboard (don't remember model; one with the lcd screen built in)

Problem: disk activity constant. changes cause BSOD -> un-handled interruption error

Have a brand new install of win7 on my ssd spread across my drives according to the setup above.
The system works great up until I start trying to see what is causing my mouse to show system activity constantly. (mouse with spinning circle next to it)
Resource monitor shows disk activity on the ssd from System and network activity from various update services (HP etc.)
A little more digging suggested the System process on disk 0 (ssd) was linked to the page file.
My OS is already tuned to disable defrag and indexing.
In an effort to limit ssd activity I redistributed the paging over my 3TB and ssd, bringing the ssd size down to bare bones minimum.
The second I did this and began to do my normal work I received a blue screen with an unhandled interruption error and had to system restart.
After the system restart I was recieving the activity issue again with the mouse icon but the system seemed stable. Page file was still distributed as set before crash and no problems seemed to occur.
Ran spotify and noticed it too was using the ssd quite a bit; so I changed the cache location from the ssd to my 3TB (made sure spotify was not streaming at the time).
BSOD again.
Computer restart. activity issue still but cache still where it should be.

I'm at a loss......what could be causing the activity to be constant?

NOTE: tried to attach picture of disk activity monitor but don't know how.......hints?
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  1. Epic FAIL for BitDefender.
    Booted my system into my penetration testing OS and ran the logs.
    Turns out my system was being hacked and the jerk was making edits to my system same time as me.
    Installed Advanced System Care v.5 in safe mode (offline) and let it run its system changes. Rebooted, no problems at all.

    Note to the wise. Bitdefender may be near top for virus detection but it SUCKS at penetration protection.
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