Sony VGN-FE890N/H Win XP drivers

Topic says what I am looking for, I know sony doesn't supply them anymore, only vista, and there support says the drivers don't exist, which I know is horse hockey. I am just curious if anyone has any links that have all the drivers, or if I am going to have to browse for drivers by manufacturer.

And on a specific note, I am having trouble locating the Nvidia Geforce Go 7400 video adapter drivers for this model. any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Did your system come with a re-install disk? Cuz I am having no luck finding either set of drivers. Not even off of Nvidia's website. Sony is a bunch of morons for discontinuing XP driver support. Just one of the many reasons I hate Sony.
  2. After a very extensive hunt, I managed to track down drivers for everything but the sound device, and that is because that hasn't been on the top of my list. The suprising thing is that I downloaded an HP driver for the video card and that worked where as the sony drivers for the same card would not work when it was just a different model laptop. anyway, my hunt is done and I have saved all the drivers so I don't have to hunt them down again.

    anyone having the same problem, just email me for drivers
  3. Asimov_And i am having the same problem. I both my Sone Vaio FE-890N and i trying to use windows XP. Can you send me some drives? I need speccialy NVIDIA's drive (GeForce Go 7400) and sound driver. Thank you!
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