Bizarre XP errors! Please help!

Hi guys!

I just put together a new system, and everything was going smooth until this morning! I started the computer up, left the room to get some breakfast, and when I came back the system was frozen on a black screen. I rebooted, and it froze right before the WIN XP loading screen came up. I rebooted again, and it started up fine... but the error log was *full* of strange errors "The Application Management Service terminated with the following error: the specifief module could not be found." (Service Control Manager). I rebooted again, just to see what's going on, and I got a pop up error message when XP started:
"BCCode: 1000008e BCP1:C0000005 BCP2:BF9FEDD3 BCP3:BA9D8A88 BCP4:00000000 OSVer:5_1_2600 SP:0_0 Product:768_1"

Anybody have any ideas about this?? Thanks!
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  1. I just reinstalled XP over itself, and everything is fine now!
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