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Trying to decide on a notebook purchase. I've narrowed myself down to one of two choices. Apple 17" MacBook Pro versus T60p # 8741C3U

The Apple can run both OS/X and XP Pro. I only want XP Pro, Vista is not on the table for me.

Graphics on the Apple is ATI X1600, on the IBM it's the FireGL 5250.

Apple screen is slightly larger, IBM's is WSXGA. Processors the same (C2D @ 2.66), HDD is the same 100GB x 7200rpm.

My problem: IBM price is 4479, where Apple is 3502. $977 difference is a lot considering that most of the feature set is the same. In an online comparison of the graphics cards, they both seemed about the same, and both machines won in some places over the other.

I'm trying to figure out where that $977 price difference might be coming from. Any thoughts guys ?? And please don't say because it's IBM/Lenovo, we all used to bitch at Apple's prices :!: Can't see much more of anything that's radically different...

Thanks in advance,

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  1. My only thought is it's the FireGL card. FireGL and Nvidia's quadro cards are rendering cards and rendering cards always cost more than their gaming counterparts. I think you could do better for the price if all you want is XP.

    If you want recommendations answer the following: What do you want to use the laptop for (what games/apps), what companies do you prefer and what's your price limit?
  2. Hmm;

    Not sure about rendering. I want it mostly for business, I might play the odd game here and there. Much more likely to play with graphics in Photoshop, Illustrator, Visio for business. Can't see myself rendering 3D (unless within a game or on some other app).

    As far as XP is concerned, I can use it or OS/X (or any Unix for that matter - I'm a Sun guy). I guess I narrowed to these two because of their quality - totally trust both.

    So I guess either would have to run Office, definately some photo manipulation, serial connections (USB is OK), the odd game here or there (nothing too demaning). Online services such as Google Earth type 3D imaging, Adobe's suite (perhaps some web editing) as well as programming. It's a mixed bag of everything, with nothing really standing out besides Office and serial connections and Photo / Music libraries.

    Quality and a powerful CPU (C2D @ 2.33) is my driver. I also like that IBM can take an extra battery in the Ultrabay.

    Recommedations ?


  3. Get the Apple.
    MAC's are well built machines that Apple stands behind with AppleCare.
    The Apple looks and feels cooler as well as is more durable with its alloy shell.
    Save yourself THIS headache somewhere down the line and run XP or VISTA through Parallels.
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