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I'm doing some research for a project that requires several (4+) wireless controllers hooked up to one PC. The controllers would connect to the PC via USB ports & hubs and button presses from the people holding the controllers would be read and used by a program (I intend to write) that runs on the PC. The original idea was to use Logitech wireless gamepads but they are much more complex then what I really need (what I need is just 5-10 buttons and optionaly one control stick or pad). Plus the range isn't so great and the battery use probably too high. So what I'm looking for is alternatives. Maybe a TV-style remote control for PCs that has the same kind of wireless->USB->PC communication structure. Or anything else you can think of. The smaller and simpler the better. And only one PC can be used in the equasion. Wireless keyboards would certainly work but be too big and cumbersome. If there is such a thing as a wireless USB hub that might work too (there needs to be a wireless gap between the controllers and the PC. But if at the end of that gap I can plug non-wireless controllers into something that does use wireless tech to talk to the PC, that would be OK). But I can't say I've heard of such a thing or I think there would be much of a market for it. Any suggestions or advice would be welcome.
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  1. So basically you're looking for something like a TV remote control for a PC? Have you looked at the ATI Remote Wonder? Its sensor connects to a USB port.

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