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I was very excited when I first installed Roxio Easy CD Creator V. 6 and was able to burn long file names Data CDs using UDF format and Win 98 SE.

But now all of a sudden for no reason when I burn web page files that have web site graphics and charts etc. those are not burned. Only text is burned.

I tested before burning and tests show everything OK with exact no of files burned as the source files but after actually burning a CD when I try to open files from the CD only text is there and no graphics.

Something to note here though. Word, Pdf and any Gif, or Png. Files do burn with graphics but not the web pages with graphics.

The only hint that I am getting is that when I open the file text shows immediately and there is a little message in taskbar that says " opening page" and something about page file “ or “downloading picture “ but no graphics appear.

I did not have this problem when I first burned 3 Data CDs with the same OS namely Win 98 SE.

Also there is 1.6 GB free space in my Win 98 SE partition and I have checked the box to let Window manage my virtual memory.

I was also able to burn those same Data files with Win XP where I hardly have 200 MB of free space. But now I can't burn using XP either.

After burning the CD and while reading it, When I right click a folder of the web page file to see properties, the folder shows 0 Bytes and if I double click the folder to open it I get the message "File is not accessible" "An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format"

I checked and Re-Checked before burning that I was using UDF format and tested all CDs before burning them and tests show exact no of files burned as the source files and says test successful.

Nothing has changed since I burned first 3 Data CDs but now using the same OS and same settings and same files, I am running into brick wall.

Does this have something to do with page file and if yes, what do I need to do? I am not a computer expert so if something needs to be done about page file I would appreciate detailed instructions. I have a dual boot hard disk with 5 partitions and Win 98 SE on C: drive and Win XP pro on D: drive and other 3 are data partitions.

Also why now this problem and not when I burned first 3 CDs successfully with same OS and page file and settings?

Can somebody please help?

Thank You,
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  1. Can you just zip the site and drop it on the CD?
    Thereby only one file with zip extension. If EZ does not handle this properly I would suggest you look at other software. (would suggest this anyway) :smile:

    Might be worthwhile including the Zip software on the CD too in case u need to install that to unzip the site.

    Does EZ still have that CD Layout properties tab?
    File->CD Layout Properties.

    There is one thing that says:
    <b> Do not add files of the following type </b>

    And these as well

    Do not add Hidden Files
    Do not add System Files

    You have any of these inadvertently set?
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  2. Your problem is beyond me, but might I suggest trying Nero? I feel its more professional and none of that "User friendly" kind of crap. Also, I think that if you get the same problem there, the software will tell you what's the problem.

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