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my cd burner ( 52x ASUS ) works with nero 5.5 but has problems with MP3 Maker 2004..
MP3 maker will burn a disc with mp3 converted to .cda but cannot burn the same list as .mp3

It will burn .cda but not .mp3 .. same playlist.

nero 5.5 has no problem with burning anything.. but burning a 'listened to playlist' is more functional than a bunch of selected files.
thus my 'head banging' over mp3 makers refusal to burn mp3 cds.

msi 865p / w dynamic OCing on ( off doesn't help )
1 gig 3200 ram
120 gig wd
asus video card
asus cdrw

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  1. Loor for an updated version of MP3 Maker

    BTW, why you want to use MP3 Maker?

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