Accessing a SAMBA fileshare through the internet?

Could someone tell me if it is possible to access a samba fileshare through the internet from a windows machine? and second HOW you can do it if it is possible? i've tried adding a network place in windows 2000 that uses the linux machine's ip address and the shared item but it said the computer wasn't accessible. is there another way to do this?
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  1. Win-based network (LAN manager) uses netbios protocol to resolve names. It works via broadcast on local segment of LAN. Bridges and such stuff are transparent for broadcast, but throu gh internet, you never pass such Ethernet related packet. For this, there is a service named WINS (Windows Internet Name Serving), which stores pairs netbios-name/ip address . Configure your Samba server and your client to use this service. Samba can use it's own WINS server, or can be a client. It can also use DNS for resolving netbios names. Keywords: wins support, wins server, dns proxy in your smb.conf file

    Well and make sure your IP provider is not filtering netbios services.
  2. ok and once i enable WINS support for samba, how does the windows machine access it from a point on the internet?

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