Acer factory recovery disc wont work on Acer Aspire 7740

When I press down f10 and ALT at the same time during boot up from the factory recovery disk when seeing the splash screen, nothing happens and the 'acer laptap just boots from the regular hard drive as usual. Please help.
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  1. if the recovery partition is missing or corrupted you will need to use the system restore discs instead. you can purchase them from Acer.
  2. nhasian said:
    if the recovery partition is missing or corrupted you will need to use the system restore discs instead. you can purchase them from Acer.

    While your answer is technically correct, it is not morally correct or factually complete in regards to options. The user should call Acer and demand that they send them a functional way to restore the drive to the exact same condition it was in when the computer was purchased, recovery partition or not. This should not matter at all. Furthermore, the entire point of having made a factory default disk would be to restore the computer to 'factory' conditions.

    Users have done nothing wrong, and in fact are the victims of clever wordsmithing and incompetent implementation of recovery options by Acer. Normally the hidden recovery partition contains all the information and tools necessary to recover a windows install. However, Acer says that one of the first things you should do is create factory restore disks. For what purpose, if not to recover the system regardless of the state of the recovery partitions.

    Factory Default means the exact same thing as System Recovery to 100% of rational sane people who have not yet experienced Acer stupidity. By telling users that they can buy these disks from Acer, you are allowing this absurd notion to continue, that Acer and other hardware manufacturers can just flippantly make up arbitrary meanings for words and phrases that previously meant the same thing at their discretion.

    The user should call Acer and demand that a secure option of recovering the computer be provided. As far as I know, a DVD or USB which cannot be overwritten is the only option, since recovery partitions are not even remotely secure from a security standpoint, but I digress. The point is this, Acer needs to give users what they advertised, which is recovery diskettes or the ability to create recovery media be it a diskette or usb that can be used to restore a system completely to the exact same place it was when you purchased the computer. Acer doesn't even need to send users these disks to correct their stupidity, they could just modify and update the existing 'factory default restore whatever they are calling it" disk program to actual do a factory system restore they claim it currently does.

    However, since you are correct, it does not do this, then they need to send users the actual disks which they are calling 'system restore disk' free of charge as a token gesture of good will so that users don't get together sue their slimy corporate butts.

    It's preposterous, that after buying a computer advertising the ability to do a 'factory restore" that someone should have now buy additional disks to actually do a factory restore, which they have simple named a 'system restore'

    so in conclusion, users searching for why they cannot actually perform a restore with their factory restore disks should know that it is because Acer is either greedy or incompetent. Call them up, speak to supervisors whoever you need to, in order to get them to provide what they advertised, since most users will only have discovered this garbage way after they were able to return these machines to the store, which would be the optimal way of dealing with corporate liars.

    this completes my rant. any and all grammar and spelling errors which may have occurred while this rant was in progress were intentional, and will not be corrected.
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