ZoomBrowser and Windows 7 32 bits

Even if ZoomBrowser ins working wery well on Windows 7 64 bits, it is not the same with Windows 7 32 bits .... The program don't start .... Does a solution exist before Canon solve the problem ?

Thank you !
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  1. Seems that 64bit wont support Zoombrowser.

    Try Using this!
  2. I use the Vista Version... Works here.
  3. I am facing the same issue. It works fine on my computer with Vista but not computer with Window 7 32 bits. Canon software updates are bloody hopeless. Having problem using both laser printer and ZoomBrowser for EOS 40D on Window 7. Those bloody software engineers in Canon are busy reading comics rather than solving problems. For goodness sake, Window 7 has been out for months. I will not buy Canon products again!!
  4. Or you can just use Digital Photo Professional (DPP). I'm using it in Win 7 64-bit Ultimate without no issues.
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