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Hello. I'm looking to get a sound card to go with my Logitech Z540 speakers. Basically I just need it to be able to run 4.1 speakers at 16 bit. I'll be using it for listening to MP3's and CD's. I want something that's decent enough so it won't have any adverse effects on the rest of my computer. Thanks so much!

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  1. Turtle Beach Santa Cruz !!!

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  2. the turtle beach is good (i hear) costs around the $70 or so (are you in the states??)

    the thing is, as much as i dislike them, the soundblaster live player 5.1 oem could be fine for your needs (just important to not install ALL the crap irritating software that comes with it)

    thats a review i found.

    heres a good one for the turtle beach santa cruz:

    certainly seems a good card.

    depends how much of an audiophile you consider yourself. and if it is mostly for listening to mp3's etc, then you arent going to be missing anything by getting a lower price card.

    hope this helps.
  3. santa cruz or the m audio revolution. Stay away from audigy .

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