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Ok Afew days ago i got my Enernmax 450W PSu (great piece of machinery) and after reconnecting all the cables i must have disconnected the floppy ribbon cable by accident. After the drive failing to be detected by Windows i remembered i might have plugged it out so i put it back in. Then the green light was constantly on and every time i tried to read a floppy it said insert floppy disk in drive and no matter what i did it couldnt read it i also noticed the drive doesn't make the proper noisy sound it usually doesn when triying to read something. I then found out the green light thing is from connecting the ribbon cable backwards - so i connected it the other way. Now i have the same problem but the green light is now only on when it should be, so no noise and no floppy detected... Please help :P
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  1. Hmm, possible both ends are flipped. Try this: Look at which side of the cable your CD-ROM has the red stripe on: Now put the floppy drive cable on with the red stripe on the other side. That's right, Pin1 on a floppy is on the other side. Also make sure that you're using a connector past the "flip" in the cable. And that the "flip" is near the floppy, not the board.

    Now, Pin1 for the floppy cable on the board is normally...normal, not reversed like it was on the drive.

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  2. Damnit :P It's the right way around and the problem is still there i think it might be somthing to do with the power connector but there is only one logical way to put it in and im sure its pretty tight in ...I never realised how much i needed my floppy :(
  3. floppy? whats that?

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  4. karaknic,
    That's weird, I'm having the same problem. I think I'm just going to buy another floppy drive and see what happens.
  5. I agree with Crashman. You just need to make sure that pin one on the floppy drive match the pin one on the cable.
  6. Yeah i was thinking the same, That floppy was probably as old as me anyway, maybe i screwed up something with the connector and it fried it or something. Thanks for the support anyway

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