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Has anyone had experiences with true high-end 24-bit sound cards - ie NOT Creative or Terratec, but the REAL high-end stuff like M-Audio, Echo(ex Event) and so on?

I would like to get a 24-bit/96Khz card, and have so far been recommended the M-Audio Audiophile and Echo Layla cards, but would like to investigate others for comparison - from people who have actually used them!

There was a recent article here on Tom's which disappointingly seemed to conclude that the only cards worth considering are Creative's Audigy and Terratec's offerings (neither of which cut the mustard - especially the Creative pretender junk, which I've been suffering with for the last 10 years or so, upgrading every 2 years). C'mon Tom's Hardware - there are other (better) cards out there! Please do a proper review of proper sound cards for us audiophiles who are sick of Creative and Via gaming sound chipsets!


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  1. The card I am currently using on my DAW, is an Edirol DA2496, and I have to say that I have not had any problems with it at all... The only problems I have had with my DAW is A) a 2.4GHz 533Mhz (no H/T) P4 is not enough to run the amount of VSTi's I like at 24/96 - (though 24/44.1 is fine) - and I don't like the fact that there's no easy way to get rid of un-needed and un-used audio files in CubaseSL - (1 guitar solo I did took 121 takes - and it still isn't perfect...:-/ (I'm not much of a lead guitarist)) - -and they use up a lot of disk-space, but if I delete them - cubase complains when I open the project up again - (and it's clean-up system dosen't help)). The only other problem I have atm, is that one of the programs I installed seems to have screwed the registry up, and now some of my VSTi's (and projects using them) don't work!!! (Mainly Native Instument's B4!!!). Because System Restore dosen't seem to solve it - I'm forced to have to do a complete re-install...:-( Oh well, that's what Back-up's are for...:-/ (Unfortunately, Mine was made too late to fix the problem...:-( Though I won't lose any work - just time...:-) ).

    But, yes, the Edirol card seems to be 'fine' - which in computer-terms means 'Great!'...

    Anyway - my music is here - (only until I get a 'proper' site sorted...:-) ):


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  2. REAL high-end = Lynx.

    The best sound cards on the face of the earth (check out the RMAA tests done on them to see what I mean) with a price tag to match...
  3. I'm on the same search although the Grail I wind up with may be made of brass (which is all I've got in my pocket atm)

    What's wrong with the TerraTec DMX6fire 24/96? Why is the M-Audio Audiophile [so] much better?

    I'm interested in A/D almost exclusively.
  4. There's nothing wrong with the DMX-6Fire 24/96. Actually, at the price it's sold at, it has almost zero competition (guru3d.com had an article comparing it to Creative Audigy2 Platinum eX and they were very close). Also, check out Tech-report's sound card comparisons to see how they praise the DMX.
  5. Well RME makes some great equipment as well, though you'll have to buy an A/D converter for their cards, as they're strictly digital (they sell these converters though, so it's no biggy).

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