Dual Boot installtion Failed ? :(

Oh boy, i messed up ?! My pc consist of a 200GB drive partition, one side has Win7 x86 and the other Windows Xp, Xp recently failed on me so i had to reinstall it, So i figure I'd installed Win7 X64 Since i use this Partition to run 3D and design Software, figure i could use the memory upgrade. Setup went fine, But now it boots right into win7 x64. Please tell me i can still boot into my other win7 x86 ? I never backed up some stuff on that side.
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    First open control panel and select System and then either "view amount of ram and procesor speed" or 'see the name of this computer". Select "advanced system setting" and next "Startup and Recovery" . See if you have two entries for default operating system. If you do check the checkbox control for display a list of operating systems and set the time to a non-zero amount. If yo make that change you should be able to dual boot. Can you see your original Windows 7 X86 partition? You can go to control panel and select adminstratrative tools and the choose computer management. Under the storage click disk managemnt and if there is no drive letter assign tha drive letter to you original partition. You shoud then be able to access files on that partition. EasyBCD can be installed to change the names of your operating systems or to add an entry for you Windows 7 X86.
  2. No it just shows 1 windows 7, display time is set to 30 sec. Yes the x86 partition is still here i can access files on this drive but i need to boot into it because i never got a chance to save certain things from within my software In disk manager it shows the x86 partition,

    Win7 ( F: )
    117.19gb NTSF
    healthy (primary partition)
  3. nevermind i got it working, got some good advice from someone else. except the repair section of my install did didnt have a command prompt, it just had a standard GUI and a scan button.

    "You could also boot to the Install DVD, go to the repair section and command prompt. Type the follwing and hit enter after:

    bootrec /rebuildbcd

    Wait for a response. It should scan for any Vista or Win 7 install not already in the boot menu. If it offers to add one, allow it and close out of the command window. Then reboot and you should have both options available, assuming everything is OK with the second one."
  4. now how do i close this thread?
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