This System ok?

Hey, been posting several questions here...
So far this is what my new system might be, does it look ok? This is my first time building.

Athlon XP 3000+ 400 FSB
DFI LanParty nforce 2 Ultra mobo
GeForce FX5900 256mb
2 x Corsair PC-3200 512MB ram
Antec TrueBlue 480W PSU
2 WestDig. 40GB HD's, 7200rpm, set in raid array
DVD 16x
Audigy 2
and the usual monitor, speakers, case, fans etc.

Anything here stick out, or anyone have suggestions for different/better parts?
I'm not die-hard amd fan, but price is lower than intel. I'm not entirely adverse to switching to intel processor/mobo, if price justifies it.
Any comments appreciated, thanks
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  1. Personnaly, I would prefer an NVidia APU over the audigy card. I use one now and am very satisfied. Many will disagree. My experience is never being able to get the CL cards working quite right with games. I say this with great authority as I have now sat through 3 generations of their crap. 1. Awe32PNP (best one so far), 2. SBLive 3. Audigy 1. Maybe the Audigy 2 is better, but I wasn't willing to take that gamble as CL already got over $600 of my dollars for non working non supported hardware that now sits unused.

    Keep in mind my primary usage is games. My musician freinds all seem to love their SBLives though. Go figure.
  2. I never have problem getting a Creative card to work. I have a SB Live for a long time (at least 5 years). I was able to get it to working with many different OS and games. Creative's sound card are the most popular one. Usually most popular means better support from other company. I think most game publisher will want their game to be compatible with the most popular sound card on the market.
  3. Yeah i too suggest you should save your money and stick with the onboard sound. Its pretty good.

    Also ive got prefrence for an ATI R9800pro 128mb card. Get the same level of performance for less cost.

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  4. Sorry, usually most popular means jack about support. Try getting support from VIA, for years the most popular AMD chipset. Or from Asus. Or Intel.

    Creative is most popular now because of the SB16 ISA. Brand loyalty kept them in the #1 position. And when they were threatened by superior technology, they used dirty tricks to eliminate the superior technology, rather than improve their own.

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  5. I get the SBLives working as well as they will work. It's just that they sound like crap when I play a games at high video res. It's not just a specific card either as I have a SBLive full and a couple of values, they all do it. Believe me I have been haunting these forums for years to find tricks to get it to work right, tried all of them, no joy. It all started on a BX chipset/PII400 and followed me up through an ALI Magik 1 chipset/XP1600. I finally chucked the thing and replaced it with a TBSC, problem solved.
  6. Hey all, thanks for the info so far. One thing I am wondering about is the 128 vs. 256 meg video cards. I've read some reviews that said the performance gained wasn't worth the cost. I can understand that, but i dont want to get burned a couple months from now if HL2 or DOOM3 comes out and they end up running far better on the 256's. Am I better off spending the money for a 256 now, or get a 128 now and upgrade in a year?
  7. 128...that is above and beyond what is needed IMO

    Proud owner of DOS 3.3 :smile:
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