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I am building a new PC with an ASUS p4c800 deluxe and am looking to buy some ram. I dont uncerstand the timings like this 'CAS 2 6-3-3 1T'. This is going to be used for gaming and I want to get the best performance. Can someone please reccomend a type of timing to me, or explain this. I am probablly going to buy geil ram, but theres different timings available. PLEASE HELP!
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  1. The memory timings are devided into 4 major values, I´ll list them in order of performance: CAS Latency, RAS to CAS Delay, RAS Precharge and RAS Active. The lower a setting, the faster performance. There´s another post on the subject right <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=87804#87804" target="_new">here</A>!

    A value of 2-6-3-3, means that the memory module will run on a CAS Latency of 2, a RAS Active value of 6, a RAS to CAS Delay of 3 and a RAS Precharge value of 3. That is very good performance, and you should easily be able to set that RAS Precharge value to 2 instead, and maybe lower the Active to 5 for even better performance.

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  2. But if you overclock, you may need to increase your timings for the system to run stable, and a THG article found that a mere 3Mhz increase in FSB would get back the performance lost through raising the timings.

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