Maxtor Disk Sudden Loss of Performance

Hail to you mighty hardware Gurus! I have bring before you yet another inquiry. Plase, share thy wisdom!

With that said, here is my system

WinXP Pro
A7N8X Deluxe Rev1.4
AMD 2700+ XP
2x 256MB Corsair PC3200
Maxtor 6Y200P0 200GB ATA133

All of a sudden, my hard disks performance dropped by 33% according to my benchmarking utility. I have notice a significant slowdown, while the OS is loading, in games and other apps. I defragged about a week ago. Are there any windows services that could account for this kind of drop in performance? I’ve checked the bios and the Device Manager... both say it’s running in UDMA mode 6. I’m stuck. Right now all i can think of is switch it from the primary IDE channel to the secondary. But if it’s a problem with the disk itself, then that wont do anything. Also i just recently installed the 2700+. Was working fine so for awhile so i dont think the new cpu has anything to do with it. Please help me out. Thanks.

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  1. Some idea's.

    Did you change anything in your system, around the time the performance dropped? Things like changes in the BIOS, updated software or drivers, new applications (like virus-scanner)

    What did you benchmark with? what benchmark figure(s) went down? What benchmark figure(s) stay up?

    Do you have any other problems with the HDD, including funny noises, is the disk hot? Go to the Maxtor website & download their diagnostic utils, it could be that your disk is about to give up. That reminds me, do you have a recent backup?

    Moving the disk to 2ary channel isn't going to solve your problem. You could try another IDE cable. What other IDE devices do you have, and how are they connected?

    NB Check the Current mode in Device Manager; Windows has the annoying habit of downgrading it in the case of errors - without notice!
  2. Check what background processes are running and make sure there's nothing untoward in your system. Also check the level of fragmentation on your drive.

    I'd back up your valuable data straight away. Also, check the temperature of the drive. If it's running hot, it may be able to die. That's what happened to me last week, also with a Maxtor HDD.

    :eek: My CPU runs so hot it creates a quark-gluon plasma :eek:
  3. I use SiSoftware to benchmark with. I downloaded all the maxtor utilities, but none of them work with WinXP. They just create a bootable diskette and when i boot from it, the program fails and wont start up. How hot is the HDD supposed to be?

    I did update my bios awhile ago, but I didn’t notice my HDD slow down until the 2nd or 3rd time I started up the computer after I installed my new CPU. Does WinXP have any problems coping with a processor change? I have noticed that my computer will restart itself randomly every now and then, for no apparent reason. Good god why?! When stress my CPU runs at 49C, is that too hot or what?
  4. The HD may be warm but not hot (<60 degrees Celcius/140 Fahrenheit, you should be able to lay your finger on it for some time)
    Why do the maxtor utilities fail? (seems to me a bad sign, or are you having problems creating a bootfloppy?)

    WinXP does have problems sometimes if you change your motherboard. But not just the CPU, AFAIK.

    Restarting at random - yeck! Problem is, there are many reasons why the comp would like to reset itself, but I can see no relation between this and a sudden performance loss of your HD.

    49C for your CPU is fine.
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