Plextor PX-708A 8X dual format DVD Burner US$ 259


QUESTION: DVD with ATAPI vs EIDE <which is better ???

I spent 2 days pricing Pioneer Pioneer DVR-A06 & Plextor PX-708A ...>I like both HOWEVER> Plextor is "8X DVD+R :-)

Seek and You $hall FIND:

Plextor PX-708A 8X dual format DVD Burner Beige Color. 8-in-1 Combo Drive: 8x DVD+R, 4x DVD-R, 4x DVD+RW, 2x DVD-RW, 12x DVD-ROM, 40x CD-R, 24x CD RW and 40x CD-ROM.Support DVD+RW background format, DVD+VR format. Support OS: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP One year full warranty. Retail Box with Roxio Easy CD Creator 6 Basic, Roxio PhotoSuite 5 SE, Roxio DVDMax Player, Dantz Restrospect 30 day trial, and Menu.

In Stock Now: PX-708A/SW US $259.00 [Not in Stores YET?
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  1. Yeah 8x is great, haven't seen any 8x media though. I remember buying a 8x CD burner for $250 and thinking "well it's never going to get much faster than this" Now I've got my 4x DVD burner for $300 and I'm thinking the same thing :smile:
  2. IMO, if you buy a DVD writer that will also function as a CD writer (you don't have another CD-RW besides it), the CR writing speeds are more important since I think you'll find yourseld burning more CDs than DVDs because of the price per GB.

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  3. Prices from Newegg (09/14/2003):

    * Plextor PX-708a: $256
    * Pioneer DVR-106: $180 (!!!)

    Shipping is free for both drives.

    Argghhh ... you are so lucky you have Newegg in the USA :P

    Btw, Anandtech has a review on PX-708a and the results are not very good I think, although its specs are impressive.
  4. I'll never consider buying this overprice Plextor drive. Currently LiteOn 4x DVD+RW burner costs ~$140. When LiteOn will release 8x DVD+RW burner, it will cost ~$150.

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  5. This plextor is a dual format drive not +R only and the first "8x" burner out on the market. So its not really overpriced considering the retail package is ~$250. Its not really 8x though, its 6x for most of the disc and then burns 8x for the outer tracks.

    If you are planning to get a burner, Sony U10A, Pioneer A06 and the Plextor seems to be the best choice right now. The sony and the pioneer both cost under $200 when you buy the OEM version.
  6.'s a dual format drive. Then the price is not bad

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  7. anyone from europe ever order from antares? I am thinking of ordering a 708a from them but was wondering how the shipping + customs fees(if any) would look like
  8. oh, or a euro store selling the 708a would be appreciated if anyone knows one.....english is preferred as the language :)
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