Data Transfer Rates when Sharing a FW800 HD

Hi All,

Later this week I should be getting my i7 iMac, and I want to get one of these:

(8tb) So that I can have 3 Partitions, one for sharing media, and 2 for time machine on my iMac and MacBook Pro, and people who have this HD get transfer speeds of 70MB/s (Manufacturer Claims 100MB/s)

So My questions are:

Can I share a whole partition from the iMac for the Time Machine and Sharing partitions (I am assuming that is going to be yes but I don't want to hit any niggles on the way)?

What Transfer Rates will I get when using FW800 and accessing the shared drive and backing up my MBP on the network (Airport Extreme)?

Anyone else have a similar configuration to this?

All Help is well appreciated
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  1. I have 3-1.5 Tb drives hooked up externally to my iMac using FW800. They claim the theoretical transfer rate of FW800 is 786.432 Mbit/st. I have moved massive amounts of data and the transfer times blow me away. I am using Glyph drives running at 7200 rpm and 32Mb of cache, and the transfer rate is 150MB/sec.

    You can partition the drives anyway you want to run Time Machine or what ever. It will all work fine.

    I would highly suggest you look at Glyph drives. They cost a bit more, but have a superior warranty and are superior drives. They come with a nice carrying case also, and no wall warts.
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