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I bought a Asus 15.5 Windows 7 for my daughter ad she wont give me the pssword and she locked both admin.and guest accues. What can I do? Im 67 yrs old and on S.S. Please help me I can't sale it this way. thanks
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  1. may I ask why your daughter cannot give you the password. because I'm sorry to inform you but we cannot help bypass or cracks passwords on this site due to rules because we cannot confirm if the laptop in question is officially yours. If it is indeed yours, contact the manufacturer(in this case Asus) and work out the problem with them.
  2. reformat the laptop if your planning to sell it.
  3. I am not sure how to fix it, contacting the manufacturer is probably the best route. Unfortunately, what you want to do is also requested by those who happen to acquire a product by non-reputable means (dern technology thieves, smaller/lighter products = easier to steal!). I am sure you will have to provide some sort of proof-of-purchase, if "hacking" or removing password protection from a laptop was as easy as posting on a tech forum, why would it not be sellable as a locked piece of hardware? Contact Asus and/or Microsoft and if you can provide proof of purchase I am sure one of them will be able to assist you.
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