Windows has seemed to have fried itself after a system restore

I recently system restored after a really bad rootkit infested my comp. Once I restored, I am joyed to see that the second I came onto my desktop, The only thing I could see was my wallpaper. My taskbar, my shortcuts, everything was gone. After fumbling around for 20 minutes I managed to open a new folder on my desktop, my hard drive is working fine and at the previous state I restored to. Then I tried to install chrome and some other applications. Applications will not start. I try Ctrl Alt Delete, Black screen. I'm trying to avoid reinstalling my OS, but if I have to I will. Anything that isin't a folder will not run. How could I get this working? Please help
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  1. did you try the windows repair with the disc it could fix some missing files
  2. I got the rig with windows 7 preinstalled from someone. So I do not have the disc to repair. I went to system repair once in the start up, but I have no clue what to do
  3. you should have at least a copy of it unles this is a pirated sofware so we cannot help you with that (forum rules)
  4. Didn't pirate the windows 7 software, I was given the computer with windows 7 preinstalled with it. If I asked I might be able to get the disc back
  5. Hi :)

    Whatever made you think that a system restore would cure a rootkit plus other viruses infected machine ???

    Sometimes even a format wont...

    You ONLY choice now is to FORMAT and reinstall a LEGAL version of windows...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. when you get the cd boot from him and it will ask install or repair so it up to you to try repair or made another full install
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