Replacing HDD without HP Discs

I have a hp a4302f, here's all the info everyone will ask for.

I had to replace my HDD, sea gate barracuda 7200.12
I bought a western digital hd and now when I try to boot I still get boot from media and it will not boot from media. The media I'm assuming it's looking for is hp recovery discs or a fresh version of windows. I have a windows 7 ultimate and it is unable to boot from media. CD Rom and HDD are not being detected by bios. Any help would be appreciated!!!
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  1. Do you have the hp oem 7 license key?
  2. 32 or 64 bit?
  3. Yes I have the license key
  4. 64 bit, and I believe the area on the drive where the restore information is corrupt, because it still has me go to boot device when I press f11 to restore.

    You can download the ISO from here and install it with your genuine key from a flash drive.
  6. So what do I need to do? Lol sorry I'm not sure about all the lingo. Go to site download the ISO to a flash drive? Then What do I boot from?
  7. Boot from the flash drive and do a clean os install,since your recovery is corrupted.
  8. Going to go grab a bite to eat be back soon.
  9. I went and bought a new HDD so I have a fresh HDD I installed, and it does not show up in bios as being present, everything cd rom & hdd say not installed.
  10. Ok I'll work on getting this ISO onto a drive, I'll check back soon.
  11. Had to come to my neighbors to get the ISO onto a flash drive. When I connect it to the PC will the PC automatically try to boot from the USB device?? When I press a key to boot from media!?
  12. You need to set it to boot in the BIOS.
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