Win 7 imaging - Is the built-in app any good?


I created a BartPE WinXP CD with DriveImage XML added to it.

Can I use it to boot my Win 7 PC (Windows 7 is 32 bit but CPU is 64 bit) and then use DriveImage XML to create an image of my Win 7 partition?

And then will I be able to use that image to restore Win 7, totally intact and bootable, if I need to?

Thank you!
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  1. Yes, you can use it. DriveImage XML supports Windows 7, and cloning programs operate at a much lower level than the OS anyway, it would just need the right file system support.
  2. In continuing looking up info on creating an image of my Win7 hdd, I found this:

    "With the release of Windows 7 this past October Microsoft has provided us with the some new and improved features. One of the more talked about features is the new enhanced Windows Backup and Restore application which now has the ability to create disk images."

    Is this a good way to back up your windows partition?

    If anyone has used this, please tell me your experiences with and opinion of it.

  3. So, no one has used the built-in Win 7 image prgram? (forum sent me an "did u get ur answer" email... I have not).
  4. I did it for my laptop. My hard drive started going bad, so Windows told me to back it up. I just clicked on the warning window and followed the steps to use the default backup to an external drive, a created a repair disc as well. When I got my new hard drive, I put it in, plugged in the external, booted to the cd, In about 40 minutes, my laptop was up and running to the same point in which I made the back up. All programs were reinstalled and everything, all i had to do was get updates that came out after my backup was made. It worked great.
  5. I should add that I think when using the windows built in imager, when you go to use your image to put it on a new drive, it will need to be the same size. I bought the same model drive I had to replace the failing one. I remember reading something along that line when doing it.
  6. That is good to know. Glad you mentioned that... When I buy a new HDD, I definitely go bigger! Guess I'll keep looking... Someone suggested Macrium Reflect. Ever try that one?
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