There's a weird sound while i watch TV on my PC

Could anybody recommend me somthing?, I have an Ati AIW 9800 and some channels have a weird sound that I'm beginning to hate ... is this normal or not? because when I turn those channels on my TV they dont have the sound... I connect my AIW to a SB audigy 2. I read the AIW manual and it talks about a "CD audio" cable thats not included with the card, would this help me?, right now im using the line-in cable...
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  1. The noise you might be hearing may be noise inside your computer. What PCI slot do you have. What kind of pitch is it? High, Low Medium? What channels is it on?

    If it works for you then don't fix it.
  2. Hm, The capture card is AGP, and the sound card is in the second PCI slot. I can hear the sound in most of the channels the more i turn the volume up the more I hear it.

    I was tweking some stuff in the sound card settings and I took the treble all the way down, now it sounds considerably better when I'm watching TV, but when I try to record it'sjust there, I don't know why :/ .

    Another thing... I just hear the sound while I'm watching TV, and not when im watching dvd's or listening to music.
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  3. The sound sheilding that comes off the ATI card is proably very noisy. Try placing your Sound card on PCI slot #3 or #4. Also, if you are placing the TV card imput on your mic in, that will increase the gain, and amplify the noise as well. Try either putting the stereo jack in the line in port or turn off the mic line 20db boost off. If you have an Audigy, this can be found by clicking the red + key rught above the mic level meter in your surround mixer. If you still get that noise, let me know.

    By nature, TV signals tend to be more noisy, and hense much more sensitive.

    If it works for you then don't fix it.
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