Problem with Bluetooth (Logitech V470)

I have HP nx7300 laptop and Logitech V470 mouse. When i run bluetooth connection assistant (supplied with the mouse) the program asks me to turn the mouse on and press the "connect" button. I do so, the program recognises the device, then asks me to wait. After maybe 10 seconds the situation repeats (and repeats every 10 secs or so).

I have the latest software (Logitech SetPoint), I tried to install additional bluetooth soft (blue soleil - doesn't recognise the mouse).

Has anyone encountered such problem? I'd be extremely grateful if anyone could help me.

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  1. I have exactly the same problem on a Sony Vaio SZ. I triple boot and it's not a problem under Vista/Toshiba stack or XPSP3/Widcommm stack but only under Windows 7 with the windows stack. No answers anywhere, I'm taking it back tomorrow.
  2. You might want to read this to fix your bluetooth:
  3. hey ive lost my disc with all that stuff on it and i need bluetooth connection assistant, i went to the logitech site and dowloaded the drivers for the mouse but cant find the bluetooth connection assistant so im sol any ideas on how to solve this problem would be appreciated
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