Too many fans!!

I just built a new computer with a case that has 6!!!! fans.
I bought a fan for the cpu but I am at a loss for how to use the 6 case fans.
I have about 3 plugs from the power supply for the case fans.
Do I run the fans in series? When I ran 2 fans from one plug I could swear the second fan was running a little slower than the first.
Do I even need all those fans?
My cpu is an AMD 2000 with a bitchen Aero 7 Lite fan.
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  1. What are the temps showing? You may find that the temps will be higher with 6 fans than with only 3 or 4. Drop down to just 1 exhaust fan and one intake and see what the temps are showing. Then add fans until the temps drop to what you want them to be.
  2. what size of power supply do you have... if plugging the fans in parrallel has that effect I'm led to believe your powersupply may be innadequate for the system, or perhaps simply the 12V rail is unnable to supply all the required amperage for the system.

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