I almost binned a Fortron PSU! :P

Ain't life full of surprises...

My case is an AOpen H600A with what I thought was a crappy bundled 300W PSU; I run a Pal XP2100+/1024MB, 2 optical drives, a 7200 rpm HD, and several fans off it.

I was going to buy another PSU as part of my external PSU upgrade (don't ask), but then I dug out the label (I removed when I modded the enclosure) and found it that it was an FSP300-60ATV; it is actually capable of 390W and is one of THG's star PSUs!

Live and learn etc...

(I still don't understand why these reputedly excellent PSUs are marketed as cheap alternatives [and Sparkles are cheap] to Antex/Enermax etc.)

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  1. Good Discovery

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  2. I keep telling people Aopen and Inwin use Fortron power supplies!

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  3. man if u throw that out, Crash will kill u ;)

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