using A2DP headset with Laptop - problems!

hi...this is driving me nuts...there are too many possibilities that could be causing my problem and I dont know enough about audio or Bluetooth to solve them.....

I am trying to connect an A2DP headset to my connects to all my phones fine but when I pair it (successful) and try to play mp3's or any audio with my laptop it severely stutters/skips. The weird thing is like 1 in 10 times it will work for a few seconds and then start skipping again. I am running an XP SP2 laptop with Widcomm 4.0 drivers...I know these are not the latest drivers but stupid hp only lets you install drivers from their site and the latest they have had since like 2006 is is a built in BT device.

just for kicks I have 2 other BT devices, one built into a vista desktop that is also Widcomm but more recent drivers (I think 6.0) that one works fine with the headset. Then I have a BT USB dongle that uses Bluesoilel tried that also and no skipping.....

so the question is why just this device? is it outdated drivers? a setting that I have wrong? a problem with bitrate/speed? a problem with the BT connection? or simply just incompatibility between my headset and that particular BT card?

has anyone else had trouble connecting an A2DP headset with windows xp and Bluetooth?? if so, is there a fix? pls help!!
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  1. I've experienced choppy sound when I tried A2DP-ing music from my Dell XPS M1330. In my case, turning off my Bluetooth mouse fixed things. Looks like BT's wireless bandwidth can be so limited!
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