Raid 1

I have a hardware raid card

If I want to uses Raid 1 (marrior) in windows server 2003, is it only have 2
hard disk is ok ?
can I uses a disk for install windows O/S and data storage ? do I need
separate a disk for windows O/S and others disk for data ?

if need -- do I need 4 hard disk (2 for windows server O/S, 2 for Data) ?
if need not -- is the disk marrior already included the windows O/S ?

Thanks !
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  1. You need 2 harddisks of about the same size for mirroring.
    The mirrored drives will present themselves as one to Windows. You can use these to install Windows and your data. So you don't need 4 drives.
  2. You can install windows on a single RAID1 array and keep data on it also no problem. My advice, during installation partition the array into two partitions one for data and one for the OS. Both will be mirrorred. Note, if you card is a Promise card you'll find there is no driver support for Windows 2003 and have to install the XP driver.

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