19" LCD Monitors

I'm planning to buy a 19" LCD monitor and am looking at

--Dell 1905fp
--NEC Multisync LCD1860NX
--Benq f931, fp992, fp951
--HP L1925

I've been able to find online reviews of the Dell and the NEC and they've received plaudits. I've found very little information on the Benq's, but they seem attractive for the price.

If anyone has any opinions on the above, they'd be most welcome. I'll be using the monitor primarily for software development and word-processing.


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  1. THG did a review on a series of LCD's a while back!

    The Dell 1905fp came top of class in that review with excellent quality and features!

    They might make crappy PC's but in the mid-range LCD market they wipe the floor....

    Another couple of companies to look at would be Viewsonic and Samsung!
  2. You may add: Samsung 913N, BenQ 931, Philips 190S5FS...
  3. Have you checked lcd monitor deals? They have some good 19" models listed for comparison http://www.lcdmonitordeals.com/archives/lcd_monitors/19_inch_lcd_monitor/index.html
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