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Please to be helping. I need the Drivers softwares for my PC.
Can help me, is needed now.
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  1. What model PC do you have? What drivers do you need? Windows 7 is really good with the integrated drivers, you should not need that many.
  2. I am needing all of the drivers for my PC. it is a dell GX260. I just put on Windows 7 on it and nothing is working correctly and properly as it should be.
  3. No windows 7 or Vista drivers were released for that model.

    Lookup model here ^ only XP drivers
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    you should have run the windows 7 compatibility program. Unfortunately, the PC you are running is quite old and it's possible that some of the drivers will not even be available for windows 7 to run on that PC. I would suggest putting windows XP back on the system (if that was what was on it before you loaded windows 7). the drivers are readily available through the dell website.
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