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i use ubuntu OS and windows7 professional on an HP dv5 notebook, last week i made a mistake in that i removed the battery while the machine was on as i was using windows7. the time i tried to restart it again it recommended startup repair which ran but 'could not repair it automatically' i tried the f8 options but to no avail. when i run scan and memory diagnostics all are successful but the system can still boot. am able to view my data on windows through ubuntu but ubuntu can't execute windows programs. what should i do to restore windows without loosing data? thanks!
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  1. not so sure you will be able to. or you can try to run a repair install of Win 7.
  2. The auto repair "feature" almost never works. I don't think I've ever successfully used it before. You probaby want to do as penguin says and load the repair feature from the install disc.
  3. I'd use Ubuntu to backup any critical data you have now, just in case...
  4. subasteve5800 said:
    I'd use Ubuntu to backup any critical data you have now, just in case...

    Definitely do a back up if you need to save your data.
  5. As above stated BACK UP your data.
    Probably the MBR got hosed.
    You can try BOOTSECT.EXE (This is located on the win 7 installation disk and is run from a dos command).

    If that does not work try bootrec command.

    Try googling "BOOTSECT.EXE" and "bootrec command" for more info on usage.

    Have Not used myself, found Here:
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