Help with sound issue in windows 7 64 bit.

my pc :
Motherboard: A8N Sli
Card: Nvidia 8800 GTX
card Driver: 304.79
onBoard audio not working and not showing in device manager.
sound driver : Realtek AC 97

Everything started, when my 8600gt got fried.
so I bought a 8800 GTX and installed.
everything was great untill i fired up a game called league of legend.
then 10min within the game. my sound started sounding weird with static.
then next day. my sound stop working.

I tried:
1) Uninstalling and re-installing both realtek(from and nvidai (from driver.
2)Uninstalled and let windows install the needed driver. and still nothing.
3) I tried "Driver Detective" software.
4) Windows Audio services is running and is set on auto start on startup
5) No driver from

so now I'm turning to you guys/gals.

images below.

Sound Not Showing in Device Management

card Info:


its says No driver but now showing up on device manager.

Sound icon is now showing up on device manager.
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  1. Have you been able to continue playing games after this happened?
  2. Yes! played great but still no sound.
    I also so downloaded Nvidia GPU monitor. and everything seems to be running fine on GPU end. with max temp 76c during game. but 68c right now.

    its says No driver but now showing up on device manager.

    Sound icon is now showing up on device manager.
  3. Try the following:

    Download and install this app: , uninstall your current sound drivers, reboot into safe mode and open up the program, scan for realtek files and eliminate all of them, this will delete all/almost all files that a regular uninstall doesn't and could be causing conflicts, then reboot into normal mode and install the latest drivers for your realtek card.
  4. How was your 8600gt fried? was it overclocked or was there something else like a power surge?

    If the 8600gt faulting was a result of another system issue then it could be that the motherboard has been damaged and the sound chip on the motherboard has given up functioning.

    Have you checked to see if anything has been changed in the bios and perhaps the onboard sound has been deactivated somehow?

    As a last resort buying a sound card would at least give you sound again.
  5. Rule out driver issues first, you could also try a different OS to see if it produces sound, just download any linux distribution and run as as live-CD, If sound works in that case then it's just a windows-related issue and most likely reinstalling windows would fix it.
  6. treexy didnt work.............but windows update is asking to install a "ATK - System - ATK0110 ACPI UTILITY 16k". However, everytime i click install it says "failed try again". which puts me in a loop of try and fail.

    I went into the bio and check audio. the AC 97 Audio is enabled.

    Now I'm installing Ubuntu with window installer as I type.
  7. Looks like no sound is coming out of ubuntu either.
    However, the sound bar moves up and down, produces no sound.

    so i'm guessing that my onboard sound card is damage and I need to replace it with new card or motherboard.
  8. I know you said your drivers are up to date but you can check them all with "SlimDrivers" over at ";1" It is free and it could be some other driver conflict that is causing it also.
  9. "discboy321" you are my hero.
    slimdriver did it.
    for a second i almost bought a new sound card.

    You are my savior, discboy321.
  10. the problem is still there..........
    its safe to say, its the drivers.

    now, where to start?
    any suggestions?
  11. Not necessarily a driver issue, if a piece of hardware is damaged that doesn't mean it won't function at all, but it may function erratically.

    I'd say backup your stuff and do a reformat and clean install of windows, if problem persists, there are plenty of usb sound cards you can get for under $30 that will produce much better sound quality than that aging AC'97, and you'll get rid of the issues if it's hardware related.
  12. are your audio jacks in the right audio out and are in properly?
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