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Is data integrity check worth it? (ECC / Buffered)

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September 13, 2003 10:23:43 AM

Ok I have dug around on this forum as well as googled a bit without much help on this question. If someone know a place this is answered, please just point me to it.

I also realize these questions have LOTS of variables so there are no hard answers, I am just looking for input.

ECC and buffered memory, is it worth it, or should I say when is it worth it?

Are there any sites / doc's / books showing actual hard evidence that ECC or buffered memory (for the lack of better words due to lil sleep) saved the day. Basically under what conditions does ECC help, and what conditions does buffered RAM help? Heck, even when would both buffered ECC RAM help?

I understand the definition and basically how both ECC and buffered RAM work, but in my experience with dealing with numerous of computers it would seem to be a rare day that the RAM forces a reboot (or at least I believe this to be the case as there were always other contributing factors that forced a kernal panic or a program to become unhappy, etc).

When would either of these added data integrity checks get the most use? Is this something makes more sense using if you overclock a computer? Or would be mostly useful if you computer is normally running hot for whatever reason? Are there so many fatal or data corrupting problems that occur that buffered and/or ECC RAM helps.

As it is the condition of my computers are kept in a very cool room, with way more than enough cooling on all major chipsets, and I have no plan on overclocking. I consistantly keeping both computers CPU and RAM underload working on various project at almost all hours working on projects, they take some pretty serious abuse, much more than a lot of production shared web servers I have dealt with. One is running a linux and the other is w2k os and it is a VERY VERY rare day either locks / halts / reboots for any other reason that when I mess with some drivers while getting new hardware to work.

Would ECC and/or buffered RAM be something I should concider or would the lower CAS latecy of non-ECC and non-buffered RAM be more worth while?

September 15, 2003 6:09:05 PM

The first question you have to answer is this...

What are you using that system for?

If it is for gaming... Don't think about it. ECC and Buffering will not help you. The costs is too great for such a small return.

If you are crunching massive or tiny-tiny numbers (.000000001) then ECC will be your friend.

If you need massive amounts of main memory storage then Buffering is your friend.

So again... "What is the system for?"

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September 21, 2003 4:14:42 AM

There will be times that I may run a game on my computer, however it is mostly a DV workstation. Mostly video editing and encoding.


September 22, 2003 5:10:14 PM

If you are building your system as a single processor with 1-2GB of RAM then I would only use Unbuffered ECC. ECC doesn't cost much more and will allow more piece of mind when you are encoding.

<A HREF="" target="_new">Stompfest Sept. 13-14 - Indy. IN</A> - Should be some good gaming!!!